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Amira means Princess and I believe every individual is royalty and worthy of being photographed. I believe every person is beautiful, special, unique and should always wear their invisible crown. I also believe there is joy and strength in our journey and it's worth capturing. 

I am Jasmín (pronounced jaz- meen), middle name Amira but most know me by Jaz. When I'm not photographing, I'm mothering, Life Coaching, Legal Assisting or writing for various publications around the world. 
I just have a heart for people and enjoy documenting the

journey and freezing moments along the way.

I view every photographic image as an artistic masterpiece.

When my little King was born, the eye behind the camera was born. I saw things, people,  children and life in a whole new light and couldn't wait to capture it. Seeing life with these new eyes is such an incredible gift and has changed the way I see the world, people and photography. 

My love for shooting life, laughter and everything in between allows me to feel alive and realize how every moment is incredibly precious and should be documented as such.

A BIG passion is what you see and feel on this site. The creative art of capturing one's true and transparent heart and documenting happy, soulful, fresh, fierce, candid, and expressive spirits . That's what I like to call jazzy and genuine moments captured with a photojournalistic style.

My desire is to bring depth through exposure with more than just a camera pointing and shooting. I want to work together, be a friend and document your journey with a real visual that leaves a heart print to tell your unique story.

I'm a believer that people are created to use their God given gifts to bless others and I feel pretty certain this is mine. It feeds me, inspires me and awakens my core. 

I understand I may not be for everybody and that's okay. I will always stay true to who I am and what I do. The good news is, if you've seen or felt a stimulating spark in my work, it's likey our experience together will be ingenuously jazzy and sweetly genuine.

I thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for your part in my journey. 

If you would like to get in front of my camera, I would be honored to be behind the lens. 


Serving Southern California and up for travel world wide!


Jazzy is a proud member of:

-WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 


-Clickin' Moms


To Josiah: Where the love behind the lens all began.

Mom + Son. One of the most beautiful bonds you'll ever see. She protects her Prince, teaching him how to love, watching him grow into something promising. No matter how old he gets, always her baby he'll be.

You are mamas miracle. My love and my lens will follow you wherever you go. "I love you as wide as the ocean to outer space and back around the ocean again" xo - mama bear